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ESI 2011 Slovakia - Global youth science fair
September 20, 2014, 10:53 am CET




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Dear friends,Ristvej president of AMAVET

It was our pleasure to welcome all of you in Bratislava, Slovakia the real heart of Europe at the 13th Expo Sciences International 2011, IncheBA.

The 13th edition of Milset ESI 2011, IncheBA was giving AMAVET great possibility to share our effort in science, especially popularization of science and our projects to present among all of us.

We in AMAVET would like to keep all good memories of the ESI 2011 in our minds and hearts. We prepared for you small surprise. We named it Virtual Expo Sciences International, where you can visit all stands again and again:

You can also enjoy all pictures from the ESI on Facebook or on DVD, which we distributed among us after the ESI.

In AMAVET we strongly believe there are no limits and that young people like you are the key to solving challenges of our times and the future, which we are facing right now.

Enjoy science and enjoy science and fun.

I hope you established new friends, enjoyed the time in Slovakia and I wish you memorable time for your future and Milset development for better and sustainable world for all of us.

With very Warm Regards on behalf of AMAVET Team

Jozef Ristvej, Ph.D.
president of AMAVET


Enter the ESI2011 Photo Gallery


Enter the ESI2011 Virtual Expo

From the Director José García T. and DJ Artyk with the collaboration of project Multifisica Creativa, invites you to enjoy this promotional video of the ESI 2011.

ESI on TV Markiza

Expo Science International History

On behalf of the people of Slovakia, 'AMAVET' was proud to be hosting the world's most famous youth science fair, the thirteenth annual MILSET Expo-Sciences International 2011 (ESI 2011).

Expo Science International is an international pre-college exhibition of youth scientific projects, which is organized by MILSET every two years. It was organized in Quebec in Canada in 1987 for the first time. During this youth meeting MILSET, a youth organization, was founded. MILSET strongly promotes scientific and technological activities worldwide as well as coordinates the activities of national and regional organizations of a similar kind.

History of ESI

ESI 1989 took place in the French town of Brest. Since that time ESI has been organized periodically every two years (always in an odd year).

ESI 1991 was organized in Prague. It was held under the auspices of the Czech youth organization AMAVET, which was founded on January 4, 1990 in Prague as a Czechoslovak organization of young scientists.

In order to participate in ESI 1993 we had to travel to Amarill located in Texas.

At ESI 1995 organized in Kuwait. On the whole it was attended by about 1400 young talented participants.

ESI 1997 was held in Pretoria, South Africa. The exhibition itself was placed in a roofed sport hall in the premises of a local university.

ESI 1999 took place in Puebla, Mexico. Participants could admire exotic nature. A local university offered its premises for the event.

ESI 2001 was organized in the beautiful alpine environment of Grenoble in France. It is famous for its cableway with three spheres.

ESI 2003 was very well-organized in Moscow. This tradition was kept again by organizers at ESI 2005 in Chille.

ESI 2007 took place in Durban in South Africa.

The venue of ESI 2009 was located in Tunisia.

ESI 2011 took place in Bratislava, Slovakia. The international organization MILSET commissioned AMAVET to organize this highly-recognized event.